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Break down of my new single

Big Blessing- The Holy Spirit wrote this song for me. This is my debut gospel single and I am grateful how Jesus has shifted my direction. This song is a declaration of how God wants to bless us with more when we keep the faith, obey Him, pray, and trust His word. It is not always easy when we live in such a fast pace type of world we want so many things without some time of process. We must trust that God's timing is always on time and He is never late. Keep the faith, follow instructions, keep His commandments and watch how He exceeds your expectations. Also, when you let go of God blessing you and wanting to know more about Him to build your relationship, you realize that materialistic things matter very little and how much more of winning souls to Christ and how God can perform the same type of Miracles He performed in the Bible.

This is a Shift and a declaration that God is no longer delaying the things He spoke but also a reminder to Trust that God's Divine and appointed time to reap the things you have sewn is never late! He is an on time God! Ephesians 3:20!

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